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One of the beautiful places to see in Kashmir is the AHARBAL WATER FALL which is about 76 kms from Srinagar city.In fact so thrilling is the beauty of this water fall that one tries to go near and near to it and keep watching it for hours together . The water fall of 24.4 metres is created by river Kousarnag as it moves further down from KUNGWATTAN area to join river JHELUM or VITASTA at SANGAM (just near BIJBIHARA Bridge) .. As a matter of fact there are two water falls . Another fall just fifty metres below the main fall is about 7 metres in height . The roar of this fall with mist created by water vapours looks horribly beautiful. There are several places to picnic in the surrounding areas, as well as delightful walks of varying lengths all over the hillsides. Interesting treks-one of them to the high altitude lake of Kounsernag at 13,500 ft above sea level-takes off from Aharbal.

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