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Dastgeer Sahib

Dastgeer Sahib is a Sufi shrine of Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jelani (Gous E Azam) located in Khaniyar, its is one of the most revered shrine in valley. Dastgeer Sahib is an 200 year old shrine situated in khaniyar. Gous E Azam never stayed there. It has the old Quran written by Hazrat Abu Bakr Sidiqqi R.A, Hazrat Ali R.A, and the Mouia Pak, a piece of hair from Gous E Azam There are five Graves Situated inside it. It is said that it is of the one of the members of Gous E Azam. The belief in Dastagir sahib is deep rooted in the hearts of common people of the the most trying times a slogan “ Ya peer Ya Dastsageer” ( O My Master oh my benefactor) is most common among Kashmiri.