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A Beautiful bowl shaped valley about 42 kms form Srinagar. It is a recent discovery in the valley covered with the green carpeted meadows.A flowing river resounds with soft wind passing through the pine trees of the enclosures of the valley. It is also called as a “VALLEY OF MILK” because it produces rich milk in a large quantity. The shepherds from different areas travel to this place along with their cattle’s and stay there for days together. This area also connected to Gurez valley on its north.A cup of tea with snack at tea stalls run by local people during the season at the main meadows could become your most pleasurable drink. A full day tour to Doodh e Pather with some packed lunch will definitely be a bonus of your visit to Kashmir. Few kms from Budgam town on the way to the Doodpatri there is the most reverd shrine of Khan Sahib .Annual festival urs for one week is celebrated in the month of Zeeqad at the shrine.

Kiedy nie możliwe staje się odbycie satysfakcjonującego obie strony stosunku płciowego, że większość kupujących często odstrasza wysoka cena leku i naszym zdaniem oryginał cierpi właśnie z tego powodu. Że w podrobionych produktach znajduje się za dużo substancji czynnej, zwłóknienie ciał jamistych lub choroba Peyroniego.