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Jamia Masjid

The Jamia Masjid of Srinagar  in the middle of the old city. it was built by Sultan Sikandar in 1400 AD. Later, the son of Sultan Sikandar, Zain-ul-Abidin got the mosque extended. The attractions of the Jamia Masjid of Srinagar, Kashmir include beautiful Indo-Saracenic architecture, a magnificent courtyard and 370 wooden pillars. Another feature of the mosque is the peace and tranquillity inside it, standing out against the hustle of the old bazaars around it. Thousands of Muslims assemble at the mosque every Friday to offer their prayer.This spacious mosque holds a capacity to accommodate more than 33,333 people offering prayer at a time. However, there is a perfectly square garden in the middle and the mosque is surrounded by wide lanes on all the four sides. At the peak, about 100,000 people offer prayers together.The mosque is surrounded by beautiful market mostly comprising of Kashmiri Products like Kashmiri  Spices , Pickle, Fish. Dates & food vendors.