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Pangong Tso

Pangong means “Hollow” & tso means a Lake “long, narrow, enchanted lake”, also referred to as Pangong Lake, During winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water.Pangong Tso can be reached in a five-hour drive from Leh, most of it on a rough and dramatic mountain road. The road crosses the villages of Shey and Gya and traverses the Changla pass, Road down from Changla Pass leads through Tangste and other smaller villages, crossing river called Pagal Naala or “The Crazy Stream”. The spectacular lakeside is open during the tourist season, from May to September The brackish water of the lake has very low micro-vegetation. There are no fish or other aquatic life in the lake, except for some small crustaceans. On the other hand, visitors see numerous ducks and gulls over and on the lake surface. There are some species of scrub and perennial herbs that grow in the marshes around the lake.

The lake acts as an important breeding ground for a variety of birds including a number of migratory birds. During summer, the Bar-headed goose and Brahmini ducks are commonly seen here.. Famous movie 03 Idiots had been picturised at this beautiful lake . An Inner Line Permit is required to visit the lake as it lies on the Sino-Indian Line of Actual Control.