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It Is 39 m from Srinagar Located at the foot of the Pir Panjal range, Tangmarg is gifted with natural beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world.The tourist spots like Ferozpore Nallah, Waters Meet and Ziarat of Baba Reshi are in the vicinity. The place is famous for handicraft works. To Gulmarg, there are two routes from Tangmarg. One is a steep footpath while the other is a winding sealed road. Majestic pines line on the way.. It is a major stop for buses and other heavy vehicles coming from Srinagar, going towards Gulmarg or Babareshi. All the vehicles are allowed beyond this point to Gulmarg which is 13 km.Heavy vehicles are not allowed beyond this point during the winter whenever there is a heavy snowfall. Tangmarg Valley off-piste Some of Gulmarg’s most scenic and supernatural snowriding exists in the forest glades which fall from the resort plateau to the valley below. This area provides an uncountable number of enchanting and exciting descents for riders of all standards.

Nagin valley:

5 km Botpathri in Nagin valley is located at an altitude of 9000 ft between Ferozpora and Nighli Nallahs. Botpathri is an erstwhile camping destination for trekkers and shepherds towards the “Journey to Nagin, located on the Gulmarg-Botapathri road, is an awesome experience as the mountainous road is completely shrouded in a cloud cover and visibility decreases to a few feet. The serenity of the place is evident as mountains change their colour with the intensity of sunlight.” The towering mountain peaks that surround Nagin to its south are the last patches of land before the Line of Control, located barely five kms away. Note: Though Army has co-operated well to open the valley, it has also warned that the decision may be changed in case the army feels security has been compromised by opening this place to tourists.



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